We have specialized in the procurement of laboratory articles and chemicals of all kinds. In doing so, we focus on the individual requirements of our customers. Because the procurement of alternative products or low-cost alternatives is our core discipline. Through our network to our suppliers and manufacturers we can offer you everything you need for your laboratory from one source. From the planning to the complete equipment of your laboratory.

Consignment store

Everything you need immediately available. Secure your annual / semi-annual requirements of laboratory supplies, consumables and chemicals we carry them for you free of charge in stock. Call up your requirements at any time and they will be shipped to you within 12 hours. With our Same Day Shipment Service we offer you express direct deliveries, if you should need your goods particularly urgently.

Procurement Service

The all-round carefree package - If you should not be able to find what you are looking for on our site, we can usually still procure the desired items for you, thanks to excellent contacts with our suppliers and manufacturers. We can also support you in the procurement of smaller quantities. This applies to all laboratory items, e.g. fume hoods, LC-MS systems, accessories for the life sciences sector, and much more.

Individual chemical mixtures

Chemicals for ultra-trace analysis - The chemicals are manufactured in clean rooms specially set up for the production of high-purity acids in ppb quality. The acids are filled and delivered securely packaged in chemical and temperature resistant bottles.

Customized mixtures - You can obtain from us solutions and reagents specially manufactured according to your ideas and formulations, even in very small quantities.

Automation solutions

We support you in the integration and remote control of laboratory devices up to the automation of complex processes within the laboratory. We provide you with scalable solutions with a single user interface that allows you to easily connect new and existing devices.

Laboratory planning & laboratory equipment

Whether expansion or new construction: A customized plan for your laboratory, clean room or laboratory container is created, taking into account all auflagencies. Our experts & partners coordinate the assembly of the furnishings, the installation of laboratory equipment and are personally available for you at all times until the acceptance of your individual laboratory.

Ion exchange regeneration

Treatment of your water demineralization cartridges in one of the most modern regeneration plants in Germany. Each batch is tested and examined for conductivity, capacity and TOC value in our in-house partner laboratory.

Pipette calibration

The precision and accuracy of your pipettes is important to ensure the quality of your results. Therefore, our regular maintenance, calibration and services ensure that your pipettes and dispensers continue to deliver reproducible results. Our clearly structured calibration service portfolio includes a thorough inspection inside and out, as well as the timely replacement of wear parts such as O-rings. We offer a wide range of options from low-cost calibrations to calibrations in ISO-accredited laboratories.

Custom made products

You need an individually manufactured glassware? Our partner glass workshop manufactures glassware for you and 
carries out special designs and repairs. Profit from our experience.