Intelligent Cell Cultivation S-biosystems Incubation System

The concept of the S-biosystems incubation system is based on the fact that each of your samples has its own separate, sterile area with individual parameters, and that with minimal space requirements. This avoids cross-contamination and mix-ups, and the incubator is only opened for the cell culture you are working with. This ensures that your cells are cultivated undisturbed under constant conditions and thus grow optimally.

Modular & individually configurable

Incubation of several cell cultures with different parameters.

- More reproducible and faster results due to trouble-free incubation of one culture
- Time- and cost-efficient due to cultivation of each sample under specially defined and optimised conditions
- No cross-contamination possible due to sterile consumables
- Very space-saving operation in the laboratory due to compact design

The incubation system is a modular, individually configurable solution based on the building block principle. The construction of several mini-incubators (S-box) in a docking station (S-rack) offers the possibility to incubate several cell cultures simultaneously with different parameters (temperature, CO2 concentration, etc.).


Transportable miniature incubator

Each S-box is a miniature incubator in its own right. Inside the S-box, there is space for a standard microtitre plate or a cell culture flask (up to T75). The complete interior (inner box) can be purchased as a sterilised exchange element in a sterile outer packaging. If necessary, a blister with sterilised water (waterbag), which is sufficient for weeks, prevents your culture from drying out. To avoid confusion, the front cover of the S-box is available in different colours.

During operation, several sensors in the S-box ensure constant monitoring of your set parameters. Thanks to the integrated battery and an internal memory, the temperature is kept constant for up to two hours and all data is recorded.


Compact docking station

Up to four S-boxes can be inserted into the docking station, the S-rack. It has a gas connection to supply your cells with gases, e.g. CO2. Thanks to its compact design, it can be easily integrated into the workflow. This allows short distances between incubator and workstation. With the optional connection of any number of S-racks, the incubation system can be scaled individually according to your needs and requirements.


Control centre in the browser

The incubation system is conveniently controlled and monitored via software (S-ware).

The stand-alone solution is accessible either locally, or from anywhere in your building by integrating it into your network. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to set, monitor and document parameters for each miniature incubator individually.