Intelsius has been designing and manufacturing Category A and B compliant sample transport solutions for over 20 years. Whether you need to collect or transport blood, urine or tissue samples from one site or from 100 sites, you will find the right solution among the diverse range of sample transport solutions.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Intelsius is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. In their ISTA-certified laboratory, they design and qualify customised solutions for you in-house, according to current industry-standard testing standards and protocols. All Intelsius systems are designed and tested to ISTA, IATA Perishable Goods Regulations (PGR) and USP1079 standards. Their systems are compliant with IATA, UN, ADR, CFR49, US DOT, Trans Canada Dangerous Goods (DG) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. 


Sample transport packaging

Intelsius BioTherm packaging systems ensure that IATA, ADR and 49 CFR (DOT) transport regulations are fully complied with. BioTherm shipping systems are pre-qualified to ensure sample integrity during transport from 24 to 240 hours. All systems have been tested and qualified against our demanding high-performance profile for dry ice , 2-8°C and 15-25°C. The range has been tested and qualified in conjunction with Intelsius sample transport packaging.

The BioTherm range is designed to optimise transport volume and minimise freight costs. Intelsius BioTherm insulated shipping systems feature unique, robust carry handles that allow easy handling throughout the cold chain. Tongue and groove lids allow for quick, easy and secure assembly. Packing instructions are included to ensure correct assembly and therefore performance.


PathoPak sample transport packaging

The UN-certified PathoPak ensures optimal protection for your samples regardless of sample classification. Whether IATA, ADR or CFR 49 (DOT) transport regulations, PathoPak always offers maximum conformity with all shipping regulations. PathoPak exceeds UN requirements and can therefore be used for any primary packaging. PathoPak is certified, robust, durable and ergonomically designed. All PathoPak systems have a uniform diameter to facilitate packing and removal of samples. Suitable for shipping a wide range of primary containers including blood tubes, specimen containers, swabs, blood collection/transfusion bags and medical devices. PathoPak is reusable and cost effective.

ORCA Sample transport

Reusable ORCA sample transport solution

The ORCA reusable sample transport solution combines the PathoPak sample transport packaging and the ORCA temperature controlled packaging into a complete shipping solution for samples requiring temperature control. ORCA Sample Transport is a fully UN2900, UN2814 category A for infectious materials and UN3373 for biological substances compliant sample transport system that ensures temperature stability throughout transport. 

The use of ORCA's temperature-controlled packaging as an overpack system for sample transport ensures temperature stability during the transport of UN-certified Category A and B substances that require temperature control.

Available as single, multi-purpose and composite solutions, ORCA's repackaging systems incorporate VIP and PCM technology to ensure sample efficacy in even the most demanding transport routes. 

BioTherm packaging solutions