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Elevate Your R&D

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Analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking. -  Kenichi Ohmae

In an initial analysis, we get a picture of your R&D department. We place the highest value on the quality of the data collected. A comprehensive analysis of the current situation at defined locations is carried out, including an inventory of processes, organisation and costs.

In addition to an examination of the current strategy and structure of the company, your costs and conditions are analysed, benchmarked and examined for cost optimisation potential. Furthermore, we accompany you and your employees in your daily processes in order to identify opportunities for sustainable efficiency improvements.

A detailed analysis lays the foundation for determining the maturity level of your R&D and eliminating potentially uncovered weaknesses.


A concept is stronger than a fact. - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Based on the collected data, your R&D is evaluated and the current ACTUAL processes are compared with a best practice in order to derive a TARGET process structure. Based on an examination of your current organisational structure, a reorganisation or restructuring will be defined if necessary. We support you in sizing and structure in order to optimally position your R&D for the future. Furthermore, potential for digitalisation and automation is identified in the conception and possible tools and systems are presented in the next step.

Action and implementation planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Based on the analysis and the optimisation levers presented, measures are developed in line with the current maturity level of your R&D. These are usually divided into conditions and costs, organisation and processes, as well as tools and systems. These are usually divided into conditions and costs, organisation, processes, tools and systems. Together with you, we define the priority of the defined measures and put them in a chronological order to ensure the best possible realisation of the defined measure goals. If necessary, we also support you in integrating your existing staff and resources into the action plan in the best possible way and in defining responsibilities. To control and steer the subsequent implementation project, KPIs are defined to track the defined measures and their success.

Implementation support & Change-Management

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. - John C. Maxwell

At the end of this initial analysis, a project plan is drawn up to help you implement the measures in a targeted manner. Quick wins can also be realised and implemented in so-called sprints. We show you how to implement your new organisation and processes sustainably in your company, including change management and communication. We are happy to assist you in these processes to ensure success and the transfer of know-how into your R&D and business through professional project management. If required, we also offer coaching and training for your employees as on-the-job training.

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