Digitalization and process optimization in your laboratory

From the simple integration and remote control of individual laboratory devices to the complete automation of complex processes. With the Hei-PROCESS Cloud, you get the right solution for your project. The powerful web application allows you to control all processes in the same cloud solution, from Heidolph devices to application-specific devices developed by OSPIN.

Linking the devices is absolutely straightforward:

- Connect your devices via RS 232 to the OSPIN gateway.
- Monitor and control your processes and devices from any browser in real time

The clear and easy-to-use user interface allows you to control, monitor and fully log the parameters of your lab instruments from anywhere. 

Control arbitrarily complicated processes

- In each phase, the setpoint of the various device parameters (e.g. speed, temperature) can be changed
Phase transitions can be manual or automatic (time-based)
- Repetitive phases can be grouped into loops, which are then executed for a defined number of cycles
- Ad-hoc process changes can be made at any time and are automatically tracked
- Complete data logging
- GMP certification possible
- Simple user rights and device management

Different levels of complexity to suit your requirements

Hei-PROCESS Cloud Core

Control individual Heidolph units from any browser and let the OSPIN Web App automatically document every step of your process.

Time-based control

Processes consist of individual phases, like in a cooking recipe, so that each sub-step can be easily automated (phase-based programming).

Cloud-based, time-based control of up to six individual Heidolph units with separate process control for each unit.

Unified process control enables subsequent control of more complex systems using the same operating concept.
User can define and execute processes (recipes executed by a device)
One process per Heidolph unit (units are independent of each other)
One OSPIN box can operate up to six independent unit processes simultaneously

Hei-PROCESS Cloud Expert

The OSPIN Web App controls the operations of tightly connected Heidolph equipment, allowing new functionality to be created and more process parameters to be controlled.

Parameter-dependent control

Allow individual phases in the processes to be triggered in a parameter-dependent manner, e.g. on the basis of a predefined pH value. By integrating different measuring instruments, follow-up actions of parameter changes can thus be easily triggered automatically (parameter-based programming).

- Cloud-based and parameter-dependent control of predefined configuration on Heidolph instruments and sensors
- Instruments in a fixed network
- With common display of data recording/data logging per process network
- Integration of different measuring instruments or third-party devices on request
- Separate instruments are combined into a single process network
- Users can create individual applications from fixed combinations
- Connected devices can only be synchronized with one process

Hei-PROCESS Cloud Ultimate

Freely combine Heidolph and 3rd party devices via plug-and-play to meet your changing needs.

Plug-and-play principle

Freely combine Heidolph devices, sensors and third-party devices from a growing portfolio and let them work individually on simple to complex processes.

Cloud-based control of Heidolph devices, sensors and third-party devices, connected to a gateway.
Allow devices from the portfolio to freely combine and interact themselves
Map processes individually on the dashboard
Continuous expansion of the portfolio of compatible devices
Support for process design through OSPIN
Extensible: New devices can be added to the platform
Connected devices can work asynchronously in multiple processes